The Kingdom of Arvera, once spanning the entire island continent of Arvera, now only claims the south-western portion of its traditional territory. Even so, it is the largest and most affluent of the kingdoms, and its ruling monarch is considered to be one of the most politically powerful people in all of Raphtova.

The ruling family of the Kingdom of Arvera trace their lineage from Wiljam the Conqueror, the high king of Arvera who united all Arvera under one banner. Since the time of Wiljam, the throne has passed down from eldest child to eldest child with only occasional disruptions like abdications, premature death, or the lack of an heir, so there have been times when a different member of the royal family has taken up the crown, though those occasions have been rare. Apart from the King or Queen, other members of the royal family hold positions of authority in Artyria the capital or other cities of importance in the Kingdom of Arvera.


Artyria, the capital city, is located in approximately the center of the Kingdom of Arvera on the shores of Lake Artyria. The land surrounding the city of Artyria and Lake Artyria is fertile and filled with prosperous farms and smaller settlements. To the south, the land becomes warm and almost tropical. Vineyards and orchards abound, and there are many beautiful holiday cities along the coast. The eastern part of the Kingdom of Arvera is filled with the Logron Forest, a dense woodland, much of which is protected within the Logron Nature Preserve. In the north-east, the border of the Kingdom of Arvera encompasses a portion of the great Central Mountains, and in the north-west the land is mild and temperate, home to a scattering of farms and grazing flocks.


Policing in the Kingdom of Arvera is provided by The Watch, an organization responsible to curb wrongdoing and help those in need. The primary location of The Watch is in Artyria, but every city and town that is large enough has formed its own branch of The Watch, staffed primarily by locals, but held responsible to The Watch in Artyria. Villages that are too small to sustain their own branch of The Watch look to nearby towns or cities in times of trouble or wait for the arrival of one of the King’s Justices. The Justices are an organization of sheriff-like officers who travel the land and administer justice and collect information for the King of Arvera. They can be recognized by their iconic black robes and the tattoo of a crown on their forearm.


Humans, Littles, and Fauns have resided in the lands now called the Kingdom of Arvera almost since the dawn of time. At first there were only a few small settlements of humans or Littles, but those settlements grew into villages and then into towns. During the reign of Kurn, humans were hunted almost to extinction. Many of the remaining humans hid in their mountain fortress, Flumanox. Other humans hid underground beneath their crumbling cities or even worshipped and offered sacrifices to the Dragons in an attempt to win their favour and avert their wrath. Today the remains of these catacombs can still be found beneath the oldest of the cities in the Kingdom of Arvera, though most of them have been lost to the passing of time.


When Wiljam the Conqueror rose to power and became the High King of Arvera, the King of the Dragons, A’aron, bowed to his authority and peace was established across all of Arvera. Wiljam moved the capital of Arvera from Flumanox to Camaros, and rebuilt Artyria and many of the other ruined settlements of the humans as well as building many new cities and landmarks.


King Johnathan, the grandson of Wiljam, divided the kingdom into three. Johnathan’s eldest, Charity, became Queen of the Kingdom of Arvera. During her reign, the Duncos River, on which the city of Camaros was located, flooded its banks and completely submerged the capital city. The hastily evacuated government was relocated to Artyria, which became the capital city, and Camaros was abandoned.


The Kingdom of Arvera continues to primarily be occupied by humans, Littles, and FaunsDryads are not uncommon, especially in the area of the Logron Forest, and the occasional Minathrils travels down from the Northern Mountains to trade or bring news from the DragonsElves are a rare sight, although a few can be seen in the larger cities, especially Artyria.




Quick Facts: The Kingdom of Arvera


Capital City: ARTYRIA


Founded: 2014


Founder:  Wiljam the Conqueror


Divided: 2140


Divided By: King Johnathan