Although they are sometimes called Half-Dragons, Minathrils are not Dragons at all, but are humanlike creatures with draconic characteristics, including scaly skin, a large spine crest, and occasionally a tail or wings (although they cannot fly). Traditionally, the Minathrils live with the Dragons, aiding them and learning much from them, especially about the Deity and the art of medicine. Minathrils are extremely lawful, loyal, and keep their word, regardless of the consequences. Most strikingly, their scales change colour with their emotions, and they camouflage to blend into their surroundings when frightened. Most races see Minathrils as a stoic and emotionless race but that is just because they emote differently. Their skin changes to show emotion, and they are quite a jolly group to be with when they are together with their friends and family. Minathrils call these family and friend groups their “crew”. Minathrils will, as a rule, be more reserved with other races, only feeling free to enjoy unrestrained mirth in their crew, or if made suitably welcome by another crew. This is a result of a militaristic history and the ideal of keeping a professional image and not wanting to bring dishonour to their crew. Each crew has its own name and a proud history of their deeds, and most have been in existence for thousands of circles. 

Along with the usual visible light spectrum, Minathrils are also able to see ultraviolet and infrared light. On Minathril scales, these colour spectrums have their own special meaning, and their ability to see more of the light spectrum than other races has a range of uses in daily life, from tracking enemies, to perceiving emotions, to aiding in a variety of medical diagnoses.

Biologically, Minathrils have a very specific lifecycle. They reach adulthood at age 15, and generally choose a mate to raise children with during their childbearing years (15-25). At age 25 Minathrils become infirtile and lose their sex drive and sex organs. They finish raising any children they may have and then join a crew, usually between the ages of 30 and 40. They spend the rest of their life dedicated to their crew.


Some Well-Known Crews:
On Arvera
  • Bul
  • Huok
  • Kong
  • Su 
On the Continent
  • Kureum 
  • Oreum


Famous Minathrils:
  • Awdub Hwasan
  • Oreum Jeewon
  • Oreum Ssen
  • Oreum Sungy