Located halfway along the Duncos River on the northern border of the Kingdom of Arvera, Camaros was founded by Wiljam the Conqueror in 2055 to be the capital city of Arvera. When the Kingdom was divided in 2140, Camaros was claimed by the Kingdom of Arvera to be its capital, despite its position on both sides of the river.  29 years later, during the reign of Queen Charity, the river flooded, covering the city with water and silt. The capital of the Kingdom of Arvera was moved to Artyria, and Camaros was abandoned. 


Today, the only residents of The Sunken City are a few lone Dryads from the Forest Kingdom. Most of the city continues to be underwater, or sunk deep in impassable mud. No one knows what was lost beneath the water during its hasty evacuation, and if the Dryads know, they have never said.

Other Notable Locations in The Plains
The Twin City