One of the oldest cities on all of Arvera, Artyria was founded by humans in the early years of Raphtova. Reduced to ruins during the reign of Kurn of the Dragons, it was rebuilt by Wiljam the Conqueror and became the capital city during the reign of Queen Charity, the great granddaughter of Wiljam. Now Artyria is a large and prosperous city and the primary residence of the Royal Family of the The Kingdom of Arvera and many other influential figures.


Located on the muddy shores of Lake Artyria, the city of Artyria has had a tendency to sink and at one time used to experience frequent floods. Now the city has been built higher and has been protected from floods by walls and dikes. 



Notable Locations in Artyria:


The Palace

A beautiful, sprawling building along the shore of Lake Artyria, the Palace is the residence of the royal family of the The Kingdom of Arvera.

The current monarch is King Radulf, who lives in the Palace with his wife, Queen Erna, and their two children. Princess Liliya (age 14) is the heir to the throne, and her younger brother Prince Cenric (age 10) is second in line for the throne.



The Halls of the Nobles

The grand residences of the noble families of the The Kingdom of Arvera. There are many noble families in the The Kingdom of Arvera, and each of them have an elaborate home in Artyria, even if their primary residence is elsewhere. 


The primary houses of Arvera include:

  • Qobi. The residence of the brother of the King, Gareth Qobi. Lord Gareth is a gentle, mild-mannered man who has no interest in court politics. He married Anika, a merchant’s daughter, and their twin four year old boys terrorize the entire royal district. 
  • Virisey. The primary residence of Lady Tetka IV, cousin to the King’s late father, King Craig. Lady Tetka IV is known across Arvera as being a famous archaeologist who is passionate about history. 
  • Boris. This grand residence often lies empty, as the Boris family primarily resides in the Twin City in the north of the The Kingdom of Arvera
  • Teranos. The Teranos family is known to be highly ambitious. Their primary residence is in Meraloth, but their house in Artyria is often occupied with members of the Teranos family, busy with the drama of court intrigue. Queen Erna is from the Teranos family, as is Beatrice Virisey, Duchess of Sillisaw.



The Hall of Justice 

The headquarters of the League of Justices. The Justices are high level espionage and justice agents, who wander across all of the Island of Arvera, administering justice and collecting information. The Justices have sworn to give up all other allegiances, are known for treating all people equally, and are recognized by their famous black cloaks and a magical tattoo on their forearm. They do not, as a general rule, interfere in any of the policing within Artyria itself, leaving that to the local Watch, unless corruption within the Watch is suspected. It is rumoured that there is a foreign branch of the League of Justices that travel across the Glittering Sea to the Continent, and some say that the Justices even have communications with the Griffins and with Mykyta’s Messengers.



The Street of Guilds

Not far from the Halls of the Nobles, the Street of Guilds contains the headquarters of all the primary guilds of Artyria. Some of these include:


  • The Accountants Guild

Very familiar with the laws and protocols of the land, the accountants act as bookkeepers, notaries, and lawyers.


  • The Artyria Infestation Removal Guild

Called AIRG for short (which also happens to be the sound made when someone realizes their cellars have been infested by rats, prompting them to call the guild immediately), this guild tends to be looked down upon, until its services are needed. Long-standing members of this guild are good with a weapon and have an extensive knowledge of the vast network of tunnels beneath the streets of Artyria.


  • The Finders Guild

An association of hireable detectives and problem solvers. Although they can and do assist in finding lost things, they are also known to take more dubious commissions.


  • The Makers Guild

Among its members are the carpenters, woodworkers, masons, glaziers, metalworkers, leatherworkers, and any other trade or craft that may be needed. It is also possible to go to the Makers Guild for more intangible requests, like making an impression or a distraction.


  • The Merchants Guild

Although Merchants Guilds can be found in most towns and cities, they are generally separate guilds by city or state. A merchant who trades over a large area may have membership in several guilds.


  • The Pipers Guild

Originally a society of Littles who installed plumbing and central heating, now the Pipers Guild is also responsible for lighting and communications systems and includes more than just Littles, although Littles are still most commonly seen. They have also become famous for their music, both making and performing organs, bagpipes, pan pipes, and other pipe-like instruments.


  • The Rovers Guild

Travelling guards and guides who can be hired for a price. This international guild can be found all over Raphtova, and its members are highly skilled and well-travelled. They do not get along well with the Justices, who see them as having less discipline and dubious morals. The Rovers, for their part, see the Justices as being too political and tied to the past.



The House of Healing

A beautiful complex of hospitals and clinics. Among its doctors, nurses, and surgeons, many servants of The Deity, under the order of Raphea, can be found.



The Garrison of Micai

The The Kingdom of Arvera’s headquarters for the servants of The Deity who are under the order of Micai, the Protector



Allulien’s Theatre

A beautiful venue where many talented entertainers perform, and is especially used by servants of The Deity who are under the order of Allulien.



The Messengers House

The The Kingdom of Arvera’s headquarters for the servants of The Deity who are under the order of Enkeli, the Messenger. Other Messenger Houses are positioned throughout Arvera, and through their network of magic-users, it is possible to get a message, letter, parcel, or person teleported instantaneously. This uses a large amount of magic, however, and is reserved for emergencies and direct orders from Enkeli.



The Post Office

For messages and deliveries that are not emergencies, the residents of Artyria look to the Post Office, a network of riders that spans the country and even delivers to other countries. The postal workers pride themselves in making their deliveries in a timely manner, regardless of the dangers that may stand in their way.



The Market

The largest outdoor market in the world. Rows upon rows of stalls sell wares from across Arvera and the Continent, from spices, fruit, and fresh baking to tapestries, tools, and jewelry. There is an animal district, and areas for every craft and trade imaginable.



The Menagerie 

An unofficial orphanage. The parents, a human father and a Dryad mother, have become the recipients of many children who need a home.



The Watch House

The headquarters for “The Watch”, the primary policing force in Artyria. Most of the cities and towns of the The Kingdom of Arvera have their own branch of The Watch, all of which are connected to the headquarters in Artyria. If there is trouble in a small town or village that does not have a branch of The Watch, they will reach out to a nearby town that does, or they must wait for a travelling Justice to arrive in their area.



The Old City

Filled with rambling buildings and narrow, crooked alleyways, the Old City is where the poorest residents of Artyria live. Although parts of the Old City are cramped, dirty, and falling apart, much of it has been preserved and restored by Lady Tetka IV, and the tenants who live in the houses she owns are required to preserve their historicity, but in return have very affordable rent.



The Underground

A complex network of tunnels under the city. Since the city used to sink and be flooded periodically, many old roads and houses were not demolished, but instead were built up and built on top of. No one knows for certain how many layers of passages and crypts can be found beneath the city, but the members of the Artyria Infestation Removal Guild know its dark, damp reaches better than anyone else.