North of the Forest Kingdom lies the North Kingdom, one of the three kingdoms into which the Kingdom of Arvera was divided. It is a land of wild beauty, from rugged coastline to untamed moorland to dark, brooding mountains. Small communities band together against the wild creatures of the north, scratching their sustenance off bare, rocky ground. Herds of goats roam the windswept hills. The true wealth of the North Kingdom, however, is beneath the ground. Extensive mining and trade with the rest of Arvera and beyond has led to a certain measure of wealth and prosperity in the North Kingdom, though not to the extent of the Kingdom of Arvera in the south. 


The North Kingdom reaches from the Glittering Sea in the west to the Dragon Mountains in the east. Its southern border is the Forest River and in the north it is bordered by the Northern Sea. Although humans and Littles are its most common inhabitants, people of every race can be found, especially in the larger coastal towns. The people of the North Kingdom tend to be pragmatic, no nonsense, and business-savvy. Unlike the people of the Forest Kingdom, who tend to see nature as a friend and ally, the people of the North Kingdom tend to see nature as an adversary or a useful tool.




The lands in the north of Arvera were settled later than its more southerly regions. Beyond a few adventurous homesteaders, the primary influx of residents began during the reign of Wiljam the Conqueror, when valuable deposits of ore and precious metals were first discovered. Beneath guardianship of appointed Dryads to ensure minimal environmental impact, mining in the north has continued since that time. 


When the Kingdom of Arvera was divided, King Johnathan gave the North Kingdom to his second daughter, who became Queen Patience. The monarchy continued in the North Kingdom for many generations, becoming less and less important as the power of the merchant class increased. Eventually the role of King became a figurehead, while the actual policy and practical operation of the North Kingdom is governed by the Head Merchants. The King of the North Kingdom is no longer a hereditary position, but can be any adult member of the North Kingdom, male or female, who is elected to the position for life.

Quick Facts:  The North Kingdom


Capital City: The Capital


Founded: 2140


Founder: King Jonathan