Humans are the generalists of Raphtova. Not having a propensity to any certain course in life, humans can be found enjoying and excelling at whatever they set their mind to. Humans identify with each of the other races to some degree, being at times protective, wise, playful, friendly, and lawful. Humans can be found all across Raphtova and vary in appearance as widely as humans do on Earth. Often being industrious and ambitious, humans have built many great cities and empires, including the The Kingdom of Arvera, The Forest Kingdom, and the North Kingdom on Arvera, and the prosperous city-state of Gedwyld on the Continent.

Since they did not originally have one single language, humans developed a language called Common, which they used to conduct trade between different humans settlements. Over time, this language came to be adopted as the common trade language of Raphtova, and many of the people of Raphtova now speak it as a second language.


Famous Humans:
  • Coham
  • Dana, Queen of the Kingdom of Arvera
  • Davis the Bard
  • Doris, Queen of the Kingdom of Arvera
  • Johnathan, King of Arvera
  • Lady Tetka IV
  • Landra Stormwind
  • Matvei Boris
  • Melanie Virisey
  • Ulfgar Doorsbane
  • Wiljam the Conqueror