Elves are the immortal keepers of the knowledge and wisdom of Tova. Although they are humanlike in shape, their skin is incredibly tough and stonelike. Elves are born with very rough skin that becomes polished and smooth as they age. Their glowing gemstone eyes allow them to read in the dark, and their elf-sight gives each Elf a special vision-related ability, such as being able to see spirits or light waves.

In order to use their elf-sight, most Elves must enter a state called vidlas, in which they lose awareness of their surroundings and all other sensations, beyond what is provided by their elf-sight. The thick, mosslike hair of the Elves provides a source of sustenance for an Elf while in vidlas, similar to a plant’s photosynthesis, since the state of vidlas can last for days, cycles, or even longer.

Elves have a reputation for being slow, thoughtful, and wise, and indeed, they have all of eternity to ponder a question or observe a flower. The truth is that Elves are capable of great speed, but rarely see a need for it. As children, Elves are very rambunctious, a behaviour which is encouraged by their elders so their rough stone begins to smooth. Young Adult Elves have mellowed considerably, but are still considered rough and hasty by their elders. Elves mature at different rates, but often by the time their years stretch into the hundreds they begin to slow down and perceive time differently. 

The homeland of the Elves is at the northern end of the Continent, primarily on the island of Larsya. The Elves are ruled by a King or Queen and are divided into a number of “Houses”, the heads of which sit on the Royal Council in the capital city of Lyudmyla.


Elvish Locations:


Famous Elves:
Royal House
  • Darya Nevimna
  • Raisa Nevimna
  • Ruslan Nevimna
First House
  • Mykyta Kirisensk
  • Roland Kirisensk
  • Thea Kirisensk
Second House
  • Ilya Dmiltaysk
Third House
  • Khariton Oryzny
The Fallen House
  • Svetka Rokhovya
  • Demyan Rokhovya