The land of Arvera is a large island continent across the Glittering Sea from the primary continent of Raphtova. Along its western shore, Arvera stretches from warm, subtropical temperatures in the south, through fertile plains, temperate rolling hills, expanses of untracked forest, and rocky northern lands. The eastern coast, bearing the unforgiving north-easterly storms, is a wild, untamed land that is primarily uninhabited. Down the center of Arvera, dividing east from west, is a large range of mountains—the home of the Dragons.


Arvera has been the home of Dryads, Littles, Humans, Fauns, Minathrils, and Dragons since before living memory. In the early years, small settlements of Littles or Humans could be found scattered across Arvera, and tribes of Fauns and lone Dryads wandered its forests and hills. The Dragons lived in the mountains, along with their servants, the Minathrils.


There came a time when the leader of the Dragons, a powerful Dragon named Kurn, claimed authority over all of Arvera. Kurn held no love for the Humans, and nearly succeeded in destroying the last remnants of Humans from Arvera, but the Human king Wiljam the Conqueror rose in power and defeated Kurn, ushering in the golden age of Arvera. As the High King of Arvera, Wiljam united the peoples of Arvera and made peace with A’aron, the new King of the Dragons. All in Arvera prospered, and many great architectural works were created that exist to this day.


After a long and prosperous reign, Wiljam passed the throne to his grandson Johnathan, who ruled wisely and justly. As his reign was approaching its end, he divided the kingdom between his three children: Charity, his eldest daughter, receiving the The Kingdom of Arvera in the south, Patience, his second daughter, receiving the Northern Kingdom, and Shawn, his youngest, receiving the Forest Kingdom in central Arvera. The Northern Mountains were not included in this division, since that belonged to the Dragons and their King, A’aron. The wild land to the east of the mountains was offered to Johnathan’s nephew, Arnold. Arnold declined the offer, and instead went to live as a common fisherman in the eastern village that would come to be known as Fishington. Later, many of the magistrates of that town would trace their ancestry to him.


After the kingdom was divided, Johnathan allowed his children to take up their positions as the monarchs of the three kingdoms, while he ruled as High King over them until his death.


In the years after the kingdoms divided, the three kingdoms have had good relations with each other, for the most part. Each of them are prosperous in their own way, and they each benefit from the success of their neighbours. The Dragons and Minathrils continue to live in the mountains, for the most part keeping to themselves and not meddling in the affairs of the kingdoms that reside on their doorstep. The eastern wilderness is deserted, for the most part, with a few independent city-states.


Ancient History

The Reign of Kurn

The Reign of Wiljam the Conqueror

The Dividing of the Kingdoms


The Justices

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The Kingdom of Arvera

Central Arvera

Southern Arvera

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Logron Forest


The Forest Kingdom

The Forest City

The South City


The North Kingdom

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The Broken Coast


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The Northern Mountains


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City of The Giants

The City of the Seven Houses