Meraloth is a wealthy, luxurious city that grew up around The Lighthouse on the most southerly point of Arvera. Its tropical climate makes it a popular holiday destination, and many of the wealthy people of Arvera have vacation homes there. Meraloth is surrounded by vineyards, and the people of the city are famous for their exports of wine and fruit.


Along with The Lighthouse, one of the most spectacular sights in the city is the Southern Palace, the holiday residence of the Royal Family, when they visit the city.


The Teranos family runs the government of the city. Known to be manipulative and ambitious, the members of the Teranos family spend as much time in Artyria as they do in Meraloth, and court politics often spill over into the wine tasting parlours of Meraloth.

Other Notable Locations in Southern Arvera
The Lighthouse
The Southern Falls