To the north of the Kingdom of Arvera lies the Forest Kingdom. Consisting entirely of an expansive, ancient forest, the Forest Kingdom is home to lone Dryads, wandering tribes of Fauns, and the occasional ranger or homesteader. The wild creatures are the primary inhabitants of the forest, and those who live there work to preserve and protect the land that they love, known to them as simply “the forest”.


The Forest Kingdom reaches from the Glittering Sea in the west to the foothills of the mountains in the east. Its southern border is the Duncos River and its northern border is the Forest River. Almost all of its territory is covered by wild, trackless forest. Sometimes the trees stretch high above the forest floor, like a magnificent building, and sometimes they are so thick with underbrush that travel becomes impossible. In fact, most of the inhabitants of the Forest Kingdom find ways of travelling through the treetops or in small boats along the countless rivers that weave their way throughout the forest. Strange standing stones and monuments can be found scattered throughout the forest, usually covered in ancient moss or a tangle of vines. No one knows why they are there, only that they are from a time before the living memory of anyone who calls the forest their home.


The Forest Kingdom is not mapped at all, beyond the network of primary rivers. Those who venture into it without a guide or the assistance of a local do so at their own peril. There are very few towns in the forest, and only two cities. Most of its inhabitants prefer to live in solitary homesteads or a nomadic lifestyle, finding what they need to survive from the abundance of the forest.




Ever since Raphtova was created, the forest has been a home for Dryads and Fauns. As time went on, an occasional human or family of Littles made a home for themselves there, but it was never as inhabited as the lands to the north or the south. The people who called the forest their home tended to keep to themselves, so long as they were left alone, and when Wiljam became King of all Arvera, most of the residents of the forest did not know or care. When King Johnathan divided the Kingdom of Arvera into three, his youngest, Shawn, inherited the Forest Kingdom. Shawn loved the forest, and spent many years travelling there as a ranger. When he became King, he created many policies for protecting and preserving the forest. One of these policies forbids the export of wood from the forest to any of the other kingdoms of Arvera. Because of this, Sillisaw in the Kingdom of Arvera is the only significant exporter of wood for the rest of Arvera.


King Shawn’s descendants took a relaxed view of the monarchy, preferring to live among their people rather than building large cities and palaces. When the final king of the Forest Kingdom had no children, the people of the Forest Kingdom decided to rule the kingdom themselves, rather than seek out an heir to the throne. 


The Forest Kingdom is ruled by a council of volunteers. Any resident of the forest can choose to join it and stay as a part of the Council for as long as they wish. This does not tend to be for long, for most of the people of the forest would prefer to live their own life among the trees and wild creatures than to live in the Forest City where the Council is situated.


Quick Facts:  The Forest Kingdom


Capital City: The Forest City


Founded: 2140


Founder: King Jonathan


Notable Locations:


The Forest City


The South City