Located at the mouth of the Duncos River, the Twin Cities are located on the north and south shores of the river. The southern city is part of the Kingdom of Arvera and the northern city is part of the Forest Kingdom. The southern city is known in the Kingdom of Arvera as The Twin City. It is a quiet shipping port and the gateway to the Forest Kingdom. 


The Twin City is ruled by the Boris family, distant cousins to the King of Arvera. The Boris family is large, and for the most part known to be kind and just, uninterested in ambitions beyond their own city. 


The Twin City is the departure port for the Elf ferry to the hospital city of Istelrod, across the Glittering Sea. The ferry makes its journey once every day, regardless of weather or other hazards, to carry any from the land of Arvera who require the healing of the Elves—a service that is offered without cost for those who dare to make the journey.

Other Notable Locations in The Plains