The fifth region of the Kingdom of Arvera is a large forest that fills the south-eastern region of the Kingdom of Arvera. Logron Forest is wild and untouched, protected by royal decree and the vigilance of the Dryads who live within it. Deep within its darkest thickets, it is possible to find strange standing stones, covered with moss or trailing vines. It is possible that the ancient worn markings on the stones are simply the result of being worn by the elements, or perhaps they are the last remains of ancient ruins, lost to time and the forest. It is rumoured that the remains of an abandoned city can still be found somewhere in its depths—a relic from the time before the forest was set aside as a protected nature preserve by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Arvera.


Southern Logron is, for the most part, an impassible jungle. None are known to live there except the wild animals and the occasional Dryad. There are no roads through it, and those who attempt to cross its borders do so at their own peril. The only trail that is known to exist skirts the southern edge of the forest, following the coast. That stretch of coast is known for its dangerous rocks, and many sailors have found themselves stranded along its wild shores. The trail along the coast provides a way of escape for shipwrecked sailors, and at times is even patrolled by Dryads.


Northern Logron is more temperate, though no less wild than its southern counterpart. There are a couple of roads that have pushed their way through its northern reaches, and the occasional town has grown up along its borders. 


One of these towns is Sillisaw. Once a ramshackle village named after its tavern, The Silly Saw, Sillisaw is now a thriving community presided over by Duke Franklin and Duchess Beatrice Virisey. Nestled between the Deep Water and the Logron Forest, Sillisaw is the primary exporter of lumber in all of Arvera and as such has significant political importance. The leadership of the town works closely with the local Dryads to ensure that their logging is done sustainably and ethically. They have to—or the Dryads would have their heads.