Dragons are the immortal servants of the Deity, whom they know as The One Who Is. In power they are almost equal to the Tilaryn. Dragons are able to come into the very presence of the Deity, and they do. They are tasked with guarding the land of Raphtova from the forces of the Fallen General and the evil Dragons who serve him. 

Dragons reproduce and grow slowly, but they can live forever and never stop growing. Because of this, the oldest of the Dragons are truly massive, and require large hordes of gold in order to sustain their lifeforce without needing to invest devastatingly large amounts of food. Dragons generally live in colonies with the Minathrils or alone, and can be found in the remote and mountainous areas of Raphtova. Dragons rarely entangle themselves with the affairs of the other races, focusing all their energy on the direct confrontation of the Fallen General and his Dragons.

Other races view Dragons as stoic and impassive, and Dragons in turn cannot understand how to read emotions in the other races, except for the Minathrils, who show their moods obviously with colour changes and their spine crests. Dragons are in fact very charismatic and full of emotion; they just show it in ways that are incomprehensible to the other races. Dragons possess a unique kind of magic and appear to be able to bend reality to their will. 


Famous Dragons:
OF Arvera
  • A’aron 
  • Kurn 
OF the Continent
  • Liwei
  • Meiling