These lively creatures have the upper body of a human, with the legs, feet, tail, and horns of a goat. Fauns have a sharp wit and a merry laugh, eating, drinking, music-playing, love-making, and prank-pulling with abandon. Since they only have a lifespan of about 30 circles, Fauns tend to live in the moment, accepting and delighting in whatever the day before them may hold. Though they love to drink, alcohol has little effect on them. Their metabolism is high, and when they consume a tankard of wine their body burns it up very quickly. They love drink for its taste, and most importantly the effect it has on other races. (It makes them more fun!) Music, dancing and revelry is what Fauns find intoxicating. As such, they love music and the arts. They are quite often charming, intelligent, foolhardy, or cynical. Traditionally, Fauns live in nomadic tribes and their children are raised communally by tribal grandparents, and many Fauns have an animal companion that they share a special connection with.

Fauns can be found all across Raphtova. Although they most often feel at home in the forest, they have adapted to many different kinds of environments, especially cities and sailing on the high seas.


Some of the more well-known Faunic Tribes:
On Arvera
  • Abadansi 
  • Abangane 
  • Abazulazulayo 
  • Ehlathini 
  • Isizwe 
  • Ukuhlanganyela 
On the Continent
  • Ihlathi
  • Iquembu
  • Ithemba


Famous Fauns:
  • Msizi
  • Noxolo
  • Thabani
  • Zanele