Stretching south-west from Artyria, the Great Southern Road connects Artyria with Meraloth on the southern coast. The road is well-maintained and frequently travelled, since Artyria and Meraloth are the two largest cities in the The Kingdom of Arvera.

Since its creation, many towns have sprung up along the Great Southern Road, offering dining and lodging opportunities for the many travellers who pass by. Most of the towns along the Great Southern Road boast a series of “big things” statues for the interest of the traveller. Especially notable are Humbert with its giant crown (large enough for twenty people to wear at once, it is suspended in the air at an angle so the average-sized human can stand on one side and the average-sized Little can stand at the other), and Adelaide with its giant winged pig (claimed to be as large as a Griffin, although this has not been verified).


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