The northernmost town in the North Kingdom, Holmund is the start (or end) of the long, winding trail that leads to Nope—the small town on the most northerly point of Arvera. It is also the easiest route leading inland to the Dragon Mountains. Travellers are rare, however, and for the most part Holmund exists as a small fishing town that minds its own business and does not particularly care about the goings on in the rest of the North Kingdom.


Notable Characters of Holmund:

  • Morgan Blackburn, the Magistrate of Holmund. Though young and quite attractive, she is best known for being honest and forthright, and she is quick to pass judgment on any she finds to be dishonest or manipulative. She is well liked by the people of Holmund because of the relative stability the town has found beneath her leadership.
  • Baki, a Little who is the oldest member of the town. He is hard of hearing and rather dramatic. He is sure to know everything that is going on, and is always ready to cause a ruckus about it.