The capital city of the North Kingdom boasts a very pragmatic name—thanks at least in part to its significant population of Littles. Located on the shore of the Glittering Sea, The Capital started out as a trading port and quickly grew in prominence as the North Kingdom’s southernmost port city. Though it must have once had another name, after it was chosen to be the capital of the newly formed North Kingdom, that name faded out of usage and has been forgotten by the local population. Although it is a smaller city than the other capital cities on Arvera, The Capital has a surprisingly diverse population, though humans and Littles are the most common residents. The small city clusters around its two primary features: a promontory of rock on which the Castle dominates the skyline, and the harbour. Trade is the backbone of The Capital’s economy, as many of the country’s mining operations funnel their exports and imports through its harbour. When trade goes well, the city prospers. Trade never goes poorly—the powerful leaders of the city’s merchant class see to that. 



Notable Locations in The Capital:


The Castle

Located solidly on the highest piece of topography for miles around, the Castle is an imposing sight. Its oldest tower dates back over two thousand circles and the Castle has been inhabited ever since. For most of that time it has been the residence of the King of the North Kingdom and over time it has been expanded with countless towers, dungeons, secret passages, and hidden rooms, at the whims of the country’s varied rulers. The King is always King for life, but beyond that the King could be—and at some point has been—pretty much anybody. Humans, Littles, Fauns, even orcs and once a troll. Male or female, young or old are all acceptable, but they were always called the King and were elected to the position after the last King’s death. The only other constant is that the King does not really have much say in the daily goings on of the kingdom. Their position is primarily symbolic. This has led to the rise of several common sayings in the North Kingdom, such as “having your head in the castle”, being oblivious of what is going on around you, or telling someone to “stay in their castle”, meaning to mind their own business.


The Harbour

The Capital’s harbour is remarkable, not because it is particularly large or showy, but because it is incredibly efficient. Large companies each have their own carefully marked loading and unloading docks, and everything is clean and well organized. Some sailors say it is the best harbour on Arvera. Others find it uncannily sterile, a stark contrast to the ancient, rambling Castle on the hill.


The Market Center

In the middle of the market district is a large, warehouse-like building where the true leaders of the North Kingdom meet: an oligarchy of the most rich and powerful merchants in the city. Here they meet to discuss laws, deal with troublemakers, and write out policies which are then sent up to the Castle for whoever happens to be King to sign. A strange arrangement, perhaps, but most people don’t complain. As long as they can carry on a profitable business and make ends meet, most residents of the North Kingdom don’t really mind who is making the laws. For anyone interested in taking a place within that oligarchy, however, the climb to power is difficult and dangerous, and only the most cunning—and financially successful—achieve their goal.