The Forest City is capital of the Forest Kingdom, and the only city that is actually within the forest itself. Built around the meeting of three rivers, the Forest City is filled with bridges and boardwalks. Overhead, more bridges span from treehouse to treehouse, and walls and roofs are so covered with vines and branches that it almost appears that the city has been grown out of the forest itself.


The Forest City is the center of government for the Forest Kingdom. Those who wish to may move to the Forest City and join the Council that governs the affairs of the kingdom. Those who choose to do so are generally appreciated and respected, since it is a job that most are not interested in.


There are others who live in the Forest City besides the Council. There is a large market, where those who live in the forest can come to barter and trade, and several businesspeople have found it to be a good place to set up shop and offer their services to those who pass through. The Forest City is also the location of a School of Dryads, the only one in all of Arvera, and a Messenger House—one of the last remnants of the time when all of Arvera had been part of one kingdom.


Notable Locations in the Forest City:


The Council

The meeting place of the Council is a beautiful, arched building. It consists of only one room, filled with a large circular dias. The members of the Council sit (or stand or lie down) in a large circle on this dias and discuss the issues and challenges that are brought to their attention. The Council generally consists of several Dryads (most of which are affiliated with the School of Dryads), a few Fauns, and a couple of humans or Littles


The School of Dryads

Dryads tend to be solitary creatures. It is unusual to see several of them in one place, but the School of Dryads is one of the rare exceptions. For longer than anyone can remember, there has been a School of Dryads in the forest. It is a place where older Dryads offer younger Dryads instruction in the Deity, nature’s balance, mercy, compassion, and what it means to be a protector. Dryads do not usually engage in this kind of instruction or learning, since much of their nature is instinctual, but those who wish to teach or learn eventually find their way to the School. The leader of the School of Dryads is called the Gatekeeper, although no one really knows why.


The Standing Stone

There are many standing stones, scattered throughout the forest, but this one is the largest one that has been found. It stands right at the center of the Forest City. Beneath it is a simple, sandy tunnel where the Gatekeeper lives.

Other Notable Locations in The Forest Kingdom:
The South City