0                Raphtova is created by the Deity.

658            The Innovator rebels against the Deity and becomes the Fallen General.

694            The Great War begins.

731            The Elves retreat to Larsya.

1812          Kurn’s reign of terror in Arvera begins.

1892          Thea’s adventure begins, as recorded in The Reawakening Trilogy.

1893          The founding of The Inn.

2013          Wiljam the Conqueror crowned King of Arvera.

2014          Kurn defeated by Wiljam the Conqueror, who unites all of Arvera as one Kingdom.

2016          Wiljam the Conqueror and A’aron King of Dragons declare war on the Fallen General, uniting with the Resistance.

                   The north of the Continent is freed from the power of the Fallen General.

2020          The first Minathril “Crews’ Aid”.

2021          Fauns establish a trade route around the southern point of the Continent.

2031          Wiljam the Conqueror’s army begins the southern push to drive the Fallen General off the Continent.

                   Kira’s quest to save the Elves, as recorded in The Curse of the Stoneskin.

2034          Tales of a “Mad Captain” begin to be told by sailors and travelling storytellers.

2050          The Fallen General and his forces are driven from the surface of the Continent.

2051          Wiljam founds the fortress of Dragon Guard at the southern tip of the Continent.

                   Wiljam declares the end of the Great War.

2055          Wiljam founds Camaros and makes it the capital of the Kingdom of Arvera.

2075          Thea, Roland, and Sylica set out on their adventure, as recorded in Operation: Brooch.

2095          Wiljam gives the rule of Arvera to his grandson Johnathan.

2111          Wiljam dies at age 124 and is buried at The Stones.

2140          King Johnathan divides the Kingdom of Arvera between his children and rules over them as High King.

2157          King Johnathan dies.

2169          The Duncos River floods. The capital of the Kingdom of Arvera is moved to Artyria.

4140          Matvei Boris’ story begins, as recorded in The Wanderer.

4142          Lady Tetka IV born.