The Deity made the world of Raphtova, creating it as a beautiful, unspoiled land in which the creatures of Raphtova could live and thrive. The Deity is good, and actively encourages the people of Tova to do good, to care for those in need, and to seek peace, justice, and reconciliation. 

Among the inhabitants of Raphtova, various attitudes towards the Deity can be found. Most honour the Deity, at least on a surface level, and try to be good people. Some actively oppose the Deity and serve evil. Some doubt the Deity’s goodness or power. Others have chosen to dedicate their lives in the service of the Deity, and these tend to be the ones that are caught up in great and dangerous adventures, shaping the history of Raphtova as they follow the Deity’s will.

Those who have dedicated their lives in the service of the Deity take up orders beneath one of the four Generals. They then check in each day to receive their orders and a measure of the Deity’s power for doing magic. While many aspire to this life, it takes an enormous amount of commitment. It is far more common for someone who is faithful and loyal to the Deity to just continue with their usual, daily life, seeking to follow the Tenants of the Deity and be a presence of good in the world.

The Deity has different names, given by the different races of Raphtova, and is usually referred to by the particular name used by the race of the person speaking (The One Who Is by the Dragons, the Great Big Big by the Littles, etc.). The Deity is generally referred to with the singular pronoun “they”, since the Deity has not been gender coded as male or female. Some races have gender-coded the Deity (for example, the Dryads calling the Deity the Mother Seed), but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Direct revelation or communication from the Deity is possible, but the Deity often chooses to communicate through their servants: the Generals, other Tilaryn, the Dragons, and the Griffins


  • Killing a creature is forbidden if it is done for gain, pleasure, or in anger or revenge.
  • Seek to always strengthen healthy relationships. First between creatures and the Deity. Second between creatures. Third with creatures and the rest of creation. 
  • Try to give more than you receive. Everything you have is a gift from the Deity so don’t hoard it. Helping others who need it is paramount.
The Names of the Deity