These large, flying creatures were created by the Deity as a response to the rebellion of the Fallen General. The Griffins have been tasked with bringing justice to Tova, judging kings and empires and any who might pervert justice. Created as inherently magical creatures, Griffins can wield magic at will. 

Griffins live for only 200 years at a time, but when they die their spirits return to the presence of the Deity, where they serve before the throne until they are sent back to the world for their next term of service. They retain all their memories of their time in the throne room of the Deity, but past terms of service are shadowed by a mist. They are reborn as eggs and have to relearn all their physical skills, but they retain their great wisdom. Griffins breed and lay eggs, and choose which sex they want to be in their early years after hatching. 

The Citadels of the Griffins are located across Raphtova, each containing a chapter of those beneath each of the Four Generals. Among the peoples of Tova, those who the Griffins deem worthy are offered positions as Griffin riders, called the Skysworn, to aid the Griffins in their task of keeping justice.