The Tilaryn are the greatest of the servants of the Deity. They are powerful, winged spirits that can fly, are incredibly strong, and are usually invisible to the inhabitants of Tova. When they wish to, they can make themselves visible, usually as large humanoid beings, filled with light, although they can take other forms when they wish to. The most powerful of the Tilaryn are called the Generals. The Generals direct and give commands to the rest of the Tilaryn who are under their command. In the beginning there were five Generals, but one rebelled against the Deity and convinced a great number of the Tilaryn to join him in his rebellion. These darkened Tilaryn are at the root of all evil and suffering in Tova. Four Generals remain faithful to the Deity, along with a great number of the lesser Tilaryn. All faithful Tilaryn have access to the Deity’s power, and so can do “magic”. The Generals have the authority to delegate magical power to those who serve under them.


The Generals:
Allulien, The Worshipper

Responsible for the praise and worship of the Deity, Allulien is the leader of the Generals and unimaginably powerful, carrying the glory and the authority of the Deity in a way that none other can. Those who serve under Allulien use words, music, and other creative expressions to bring praise to the Deity and win others to their cause.

Micai, The Protector

The defender of all that is good, Micai stands in the gap between good and evil, shielding the people of Tova from the consequences of the Fallen General’s rebellion. Those who serve under Micai are called to protect the innocent, and deliver justice and mercy.

Raphea, the Healer

Gifted with the power to heal and restore, Raphea’s task is to bear and relieve the suffering of the world, with a special zeal for upholding the tenants of the Deity so that no harm may be caused to the people of Tova. Those who serve under Raphea feel the pain of the world deeply and are diligent to bring healing and protect those around them from harm.

Enkeli, the Messenger

Responsible for bearing messages to and from the celestial realm, Enkeli ensures that the Fallen General never cuts off the lines of communication between those who are faithful to the Deity. Those who serve under Enkeli are knowledgeable and wise, teaching and delivering important messages. They also have a reputation of being risk-takers and during the Great War were responsible for operating a large spy network.


The Fallen General

Once called the Innovator, the Fallen General used to be the greatest of the Generals and assisted the Deity in the creation of Raphtova. The Innovator then rebelled against the Deity, desiring power and glory only for himself. For many hundreds of circles, he and the Tilaryn loyal to him waged war against the Faithful Tilaryn and the people of Raphtova, bringing much death and destruction to an otherwise perfect world. He was defeated and driven off the surface of the Continent by Wiljam the Conqueror in 2051, but that did not end his quest for dominion over the world of Raphtova. Instead of armies, force, and violence, the Fallen General turned to a subtler approach, whispering lies about the Deity’s goodness and power, sneaking his spies into the world under cover of darkness, and seeking to corrupt those in power in a slower, more insidious attempt for the control of Raphtova.

Those who choose to serve the Fallen General receive power from him for twisting things to his will, and affecting people’s thoughts and actions.