Powerful and strong, orcs were formed by the Fallen General to be the ultimate soldiers. Their skin is metallic and extremely strong, negating a need for any armour—in fact the sheddings of orc skin can be used to make some of the best armour and weaponry in the world. Orcs are highly intelligent and disciplined, leading them to be among the best and most feared warriors in Raphtova. They stand 6-7 feet tall and are certainly an imposing sight.

First appearing in 1893, orcs were among the Fallen General’s elite troops for the rest of the Great War. An army of orcs is expensive to maintain, however. Orcs require a steady diet of high quality metals, and the type and quantity of the metals they ingest affect the strength, quality, and colour of their skin.

An orc’s most striking feature is their ability to see the Deity’s light within people, allowing them to know immediately if a servant of the Deity is nearby. This allowed the first orcs to effectively hone in on their targets as they fought in the Great War. Like all of the races, orcs have the freedom to choose evil or good, and orcs can be found in both the service of the Deity and the service of the Fallen General, as well as in a variety of careers, although the most common are combat-related, such as mercenaries, warlords, and bodyguards.


Famous Orcs
  • Ulga