These solid, stonelike creatures were formed by the Fallen General soon after his rebellion against the Deity. Typically standing 3-5 feet tall, they are incredibly tough and strong, and comprised a significant portion of the forces of the Fallen General, especially during the early circles of the Great War. 

Though trolls are formidable opponents, they do have a significant weakness—bred to hate the light of the Deity, an unforeseen side effect is their allergy to the light of Allumen. If a troll is exposed to daylight, their stony skin breaks out in an itchy rash, leading most trolls to avoid daylight altogether or becoming extremely irritable if exposed to it.

Although many consider them slow and dull-witted, trolls are in fact intelligent in their own way, and like all the races of Raphtova they have the freedom to be good or evil, and to choose whom they wish to serve. Being formed by evil, it is true that many trolls choose to reject the Deity—serving the Fallen General outright, or living in stubborn independence—but some choose to serve the Deity and live among the people of Raphtova, even if their allergies make this difficult. 

Many trolls have found ways to cope with their allergy to Allumen’s light. Some live a nocturnal life or stay in caves underground. Others have developed special tinted goggles that protect their eyes and use expensive lotions and fabrics to protect their tough, rocklike skin.