The far north and central area of Arvera are dominated by a large mountain range that separates the western countries from the Forgotten Lands. Since before written history, the mountains have belonged to the Dragons. For over a thousand circles they were ruled by Zhizan, Ruler of the Dragons, who from the mountains held power over all of Arvera. After Zhizan’s death, her son A’aron became King of the Dragons, and his first action as King was to bow before Wiljam as High King of all Arvera. In return, Wiljam placed all the Northern Mountains under A’aron’s control. So it is that the mountains have always been the home of the Dragons, and the Minathrils that live beneath their governance and care.


The Northern Mountains are utterly remote and untamed. Towering peaks, crystal clear rivers, thundering waterfalls, and hidden valleys continue as they have been for millennia. Beneath the mountains, Dragons and Minathrils live in a vast network of caverns, caves, and tunnels. The Dragons and Minathrils typically live an insular life, disinterested in the affairs of the rest of Arvera. Few people have ever visited their caverns, or even know where to find them.

Notable Locations in The Northern Mountains:
A’aron’s Caves
The Caves of Zhizan
The Caves of Flame and Darkness