East of the mountains lies a vast expanse of wilderness, known broadly as the Forgotten Lands. It is not that these lands have been forgotten—if asked, anyone with a knowledge of the geography of Arvera would say there is land east of the mountains, but these lands are generally considered so useless and unpleasant that no one wants to remember them. 


The Forgotten Lands are mostly uninhabited, with only the occasional fishing village or city state clinging to life between the barren cliffs and the wild northern sea. Agriculture is all but nonexistent in this area, and its hardy inhabitants subsist primarily off fishing, hunting, and trade. 


When the Kingdom of Arvera was divided and the three western kingdoms given to the children of King Johnathan, the land east of the mountains was offered to King Johnathan’s nephew, Arnold. Arnold declined the offer, and instead went to live as a common fisherman in a coastal village that would come to be known as Fishington


Over time, more people came to live in the Forgotten Lands. They were, for the most part, the discontented and those down on their luck, looking to start over in a free—albeit inhospitable— land.