Located on the southern coast of the Forgotten Lands, Southington is an independent city-state that has existed since before the Kingdom of Arvera was founded. Its sheltered location allows the area to be remarkably hospitable compared to the lands north and east, and its population continues to flourish, as it has for thousands of circles.


Southington began as a settlement of Littles, and soon became an independent monarchy as its prosperity grew. During Zhizan’s reign of terror, Southington was mostly left to itself—Zhizan wished to eradicate humans from Arvera, but held nothing against Littles. The residents of Southington risked Zhizan’s displeasure by harbouring and hiding humans, but only humans short enough to be hidden within its population of Littles. Because of this and the resulting intermarriages, the Littles of Southington tend to be larger than the average Little. When Wiljam the Conqueror defeated Zhizan and united all of Arvera, Southington retained its independence, honouring Wiljam as High King. This relationship continued when Wiljam’s grandson became King, but when the Kingdom of Arvera was divided, Southington carried on as if nothing had really changed.


The Ruler of Southington is known for being strict and fair. The residents of Southington are vassals to the nobility, but they are treated well and benefit from the city’s prosperity. While the majority of the population was originally Littles, now humans, Dryads, and others can also be found living and working in Southington.


Southington is remarkably self-sufficient. It has agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing, and industry—not enough to export, but enough to provide amply for its own population. The people of Southington work hard and take pride in their city’s independence from the other Kingdoms of Arvera.


Notable Locations in Southington:


The Ruler’s House

Following the traditions of the earliest Rulers of Southington, the Ruler’s House is a simple, unadorned house, not unlike the majority of houses in the city. It is a matter of pride for the people of Southington that their Ruler does not need finery or a grand palace. It is well-known, however, that beneath the Ruler’s House is a vast network of underground rooms: meeting halls, audience chambers, ballrooms, banqueting rooms, kitchens, and more, including a living area much grander than that contained in the house above ground. The average citizen of Southington does not see this as a problem or a paradox—of course the Ruler needs all that space in order to do their job well!


The Silent Street

In one of the nicest areas of Southington is a street containing seven large estates, very grand and ornate. The strange thing about these estates is that no one is ever seen coming or going from them. The houses and grounds are clearly cared for—as well as can be seen past their high walls and ornate gates—but no one knows who lives there or who their owners may be. Some consider this to be mysterious and a bit spooky. Others say they can’t complain—the owners pay their taxes and don’t cause any trouble, so what’s the harm?