A large town along the northeastern coast of the Forgotten Lands. Fishington is an independent city state, ruled by an elected magistrate. It is entirely coincidence that each elected magistrate seems to rule for life and almost always comes from the same family—a wealthy family tracing its lineage from Arnold, the nephew of King Johnathan of Arvera.


As may be guessed, Fishington’s primary industry and export is fish. It is also a centre for trade and commerce for the scattered residents of the lands east of the mountains and many successful craftspeople have set up shop on its bustling streets. 


All is not as peaceful in Fishington as it may seem on the surface, however. A new magistrate, Lord Kingsleigh (known to his friends as Jake) recently took the rulership of the town, and his idealistic ideas of how Fishington should operate have rubbed many people the wrong way—especially the powerful head of the Merchants’ Guild who profits greatly from the less-than-ethical dealings that happen after nightfall on the docks. 


Notable Characters of Fishington:
  • Jake Kingsleigh, human, Magistrate of Fishington. Unlike his predecessor, he takes a keen personal interest in the wellbeing of his town and the ways in which it operates. This has caused some unrest among the more wealthy and influential people of the town who are used to having their dubious practices left in peace. Kingsleigh’s wife is pregnant and they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child. 


  • Mrs. Augh, human, a widow and the town busybody. She runs a small potions shop in the marketplace and knows more about her fellow townspeople than they know about themselves. Her cat, Crumpet, is the terror of the town.  


  • Durth Igazi, a Faun, the Head of the Merchants’ Guild. Durth keeps his position of power through cunning and charisma. He has many powerful friends and is not afraid to use deception, blackmail, or more lethal solutions in order to keep things the way they have always been—with lots of money in his pocket.