The magnificent halls where the King of the Dragons presides can be found by travelling north from the Meeting of the Kingdoms. There, a large but otherwise unassuming cave mouth leads down a large sloping passage to the audience halls where visiting emissaries meet with A’aron’s representative—a lieutenant of the Minathrils, or perhaps a young Dragon. A’aron himself only attends to matters of the highest importance, though in his wisdom what he considers to be of the greatest importance often surprises his guests. 


Beyond the audience halls lies the throne room, a magnificent hall with arching pillars, glittering gemstone floor, and large stained glass windows that fill the hall with streaming daylight, despite being deep beneath the mountains. Leading out from the throne room in the four directions of the compass, the four primary Minathril Crews of A’aron have their homes, training grounds, and military stations, in a complex labyrinth of caverns and corridors. 


The actual location of the A’aron’s Caves are unknown to any but the Dragons and their Minathrils. Though the public entrance is known, the nature of the Dragon magic on its passages means that they could be leading their visitors much farther than they might think.