Lost in the eastern shoulders of the mountains, Goldholde was, for a very brief time, a thriving mining town. When gold was discovered on the slopes of a remote—and more importantly, unclaimed—mountain, The Thorn, many people rushed to the area to try to make their fortune. Because of its remote location in the south-eastern mountains, there were two primary routes used to reach it: the treacherous Madridge Pass across the mountains from the Kingdom of Arvera, and up the long Sator River from the east coast. Both routes proved deadly for many of those who undertook the journey. 


From the beginning, the Dryad Advisors of the Kingdom of Arvera condemned the gold rush, and it was never sanctioned by the governments of any of the Kingdoms on Arvera, however they were unable to stop it from happening, since The Thorn was located in the Forgotten Lands, outside of any of those kingdoms. 


The town of Goldholde was quickly established, but was soon plagued by difficulties, both mundane and eerily unexplainable. Within a few cycles, the last remaining survivors abandoned the town and fled for their lives. 


The remains of Goldholde are nothing but a ghost town, but occasionally a curious youth or group of adventurers will seek out the town, to learn more of its demise or to perhaps find abandoned riches for themselves, but these expeditions always seem to be incredibly unlucky and often end in disaster. On this subject, the Dryads of the area remain silent.