Nimble, quick, and fearsome, the Terasians were formed by the Fallen General to comprise the bulk of his armies in the later circles of the Great War. Patterned after the Fauns, Terasians also have a human-like upper body, but their legs and hooves are shaped like a horse’s, rather than a goat’s. Their eyes are of a solid colour, flickering with a flame-like light, and they have large antlers growing from the sides of their head, like a deer, elk, or moose.

Terasians are strong, fast, and breed quickly. This made them ideal troops for the Fallen General’s forces to support the more elite—and expensive to maintain—orcs. Like all the races of Raphtova, Terasians are free to choose whether they wish to serve evil or good, and many rebelled against the Fallen General during the last circles of the Great War, though these were hunted and killed mercilessly by the servants of evil.

Terasians are among the last of the people of Raphtova to mingle with the rest of the world, preferring to live in isolated communities where they can avoid the stigma associated with being creations of the Fallen General.


Famous Terasians
  • Nemaiah